New Header

April 23, 2010

This is my first attempt at adding a new custom header to the site. The picture stretched a little but seems to work. I’m a little rusty at photoshop.  More Changes coming soon. The picture is of my single speed bike, a Marin Hamilton that I changed from a flat bar to drops.


NIck’s Lagoon

April 20, 2010

On of the great things about riding a bike, (especially slowly), is you get to see things around you that you would never notice while speeding along in a car with the cd player cranked up, windows up to keep out the rain and drinking a Exxon Valdez sized tankard of coffee. About a year and a half ago I decided to try out a route on my single speed bike a few miles from my house I found a whole park that I had never noticed, even though I had driven past it many times. I stopped part way up the hill and while I was bent over trying to catch my breath and wondering if I was going to puke, or collapse and die on the spot. I looked up and saw a small park sign that was placed facing perpendicular to the road that said Nick’s Lagoon. Granted it is more of a preserve than a park. It is not really maintained, nor does it have a proper sign. But those things make it better. It is almost like my private park. Except now all of you, (almost no one), now know about it. The key thing is I never saw the sign while driving by it and I would have continued to be oblivious of it’s existence had I not gone for a ride that day.

Have you earned your Beer today?

April 15, 2010

I was thinking the other day as I opened a bottle of  Old Rasputin’s Russian Imperial Stout. What have I done to deserve this fine beverage today. By simply existing for another day on the planet surely does not justify such beverage. In most cases people who try to get in shape or lose weight etc. start by giving up their favorite foods or beverages. In this case beer. Some try to exist on low-carb or light beers. Life is too short for watered down beer with the flavor of Yak urine. Not that I have tried Yak urine but, I’ve tried some beers that I’m sure were modeled after the taste of it. Instead I choose to ride so I can still enjoy a real beverage. So if I want a  Bottle of Old Rasputin’s, Some Fat Scotch Ale or an IPA loaded with enough Hops to choke the afore mentioned Yak I need to earn it. So when my coworkers think I’m insane for squeezing in a 10 mile ride before work and spending my days off on a bike I can laugh all the way home with my real beer. So go out and ride and drink up, save the Yak urine for the others.

P.S. Just make sure you drink after your ride and save some Old Rasputins’s for me.

YouTube, Coffee and Cycling

April 9, 2010

It’s not often or going to be often, (unless I change my mind as this is my blog after all), that I will put a link that advertises someone else’s product. But since I have no products of my own why not. I was wasting time watching cycling videos on YouTube last night when I clicked on this little video for 53×11 coffee. As a cyclist I liked it. It isn’t that it is well made and probably won’t win any awards but, it was worth the 2:49 I spent watching it. Plus it shows in offhanded way that bikes are cooler than cars.
I’ve always also been interested in business and marketing, (I have a degree in it from a prestigious party school), I find the idea of using Youtube as advertising tool interesting. It’s cheap and if people can find your ad, you have a captive audience. By captive audience I mean sitting a foot way from the screen hand on the mouse drinking their favorite beverage, (coffee or beer etc.), and though they may click away they don’t get up and leave like in the tv medium. Best of all they have their hand on the mouse ready to click and buy. No phone necessary. A marketers dream. It’s almost as good as getting a hot, young, large breasted female to wear your logo across her chest.

P.s. If your someone at 53×11 coffee and want to send me a free bag for pushing your product for you the, House Espresso blend would be just fine.

To STP or not STP

April 2, 2010

Still trying to decide if I should ride in the Seattle to Portland ride this summer. Two days and 200 miles with 9,999 other people. I’ve been steadily increasing my miles but with 3 months to go time is getting short. I can probably get to the point that I can survive it, but enjoying the experience may be a different story. I keep thinking of the ending of the movie Run Fat Boy Run with Simon Pegg finishing a marathon. Great movie. Fun to watch, but no one wants to be that guy.  I can just see  the human interest story on the 11 o’clock news with footage of the last cyclist to finish crawling across the finish line dragging his bike behind him. Not pretty.