YouTube, Coffee and Cycling

It’s not often or going to be often, (unless I change my mind as this is my blog after all), that I will put a link that advertises someone else’s product. But since I have no products of my own why not. I was wasting time watching cycling videos on YouTube last night when I clicked on this little video for 53×11 coffee. As a cyclist I liked it. It isn’t that it is well made and probably won’t win any awards but, it was worth the 2:49 I spent watching it. Plus it shows in offhanded way that bikes are cooler than cars.
I’ve always also been interested in business and marketing, (I have a degree in it from a prestigious party school), I find the idea of using Youtube as advertising tool interesting. It’s cheap and if people can find your ad, you have a captive audience. By captive audience I mean sitting a foot way from the screen hand on the mouse drinking their favorite beverage, (coffee or beer etc.), and though they may click away they don’t get up and leave like in the tv medium. Best of all they have their hand on the mouse ready to click and buy. No phone necessary. A marketers dream. It’s almost as good as getting a hot, young, large breasted female to wear your logo across her chest.

P.s. If your someone at 53×11 coffee and want to send me a free bag for pushing your product for you the, House Espresso blend would be just fine.


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