Have you earned your Beer today?

I was thinking the other day as I opened a bottle of  Old Rasputin’s Russian Imperial Stout. What have I done to deserve this fine beverage today. By simply existing for another day on the planet surely does not justify such beverage. In most cases people who try to get in shape or lose weight etc. start by giving up their favorite foods or beverages. In this case beer. Some try to exist on low-carb or light beers. Life is too short for watered down beer with the flavor of Yak urine. Not that I have tried Yak urine but, I’ve tried some beers that I’m sure were modeled after the taste of it. Instead I choose to ride so I can still enjoy a real beverage. So if I want a  Bottle of Old Rasputin’s, Some Fat Scotch Ale or an IPA loaded with enough Hops to choke the afore mentioned Yak I need to earn it. So when my coworkers think I’m insane for squeezing in a 10 mile ride before work and spending my days off on a bike I can laugh all the way home with my real beer. So go out and ride and drink up, save the Yak urine for the others.

P.S. Just make sure you drink after your ride and save some Old Rasputins’s for me.


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