NIck’s Lagoon

On of the great things about riding a bike, (especially slowly), is you get to see things around you that you would never notice while speeding along in a car with the cd player cranked up, windows up to keep out the rain and drinking a Exxon Valdez sized tankard of coffee. About a year and a half ago I decided to try out a route on my single speed bike a few miles from my house I found a whole park that I had never noticed, even though I had driven past it many times. I stopped part way up the hill and while I was bent over trying to catch my breath and wondering if I was going to puke, or collapse and die on the spot. I looked up and saw a small park sign that was placed facing perpendicular to the road that said Nick’s Lagoon. Granted it is more of a preserve than a park. It is not really maintained, nor does it have a proper sign. But those things make it better. It is almost like my private park. Except now all of you, (almost no one), now know about it. The key thing is I never saw the sign while driving by it and I would have continued to be oblivious of it’s existence had I not gone for a ride that day.


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