Answer to the Stp or not Stp Question…

The answer is not Stp for now at least or at least, not this year. I’m just not ready. Plus the logistics of spending the night at the UW, camping in Centralia and taking the bus back from Portland. I am going to ride a few shorter rides in the area this summer though. I plan to do the Fort2fort in Port Townsend WA. in June. I’m planning on doing the 42 mile ride. The Summer Challange ride from the Bainbridge Island Kiwanis Club in August. Thirty five miles of hills on Bainbridge Island. It is almost a backwards copy of Cascade’s Chill Hilly, only not so chilly. Also to finish off the season the Manashtash 100 k in October. If you see me at any of these events, say hi and try not to run me over.  On a side note I have spent the night near the UW campus before.  The best part is that it was paid for by the University of Washington. Of course I didn’t tell them I was a Cougar. That was the best part. I get a degree from their rival university and they still pay for my hotel room. It was because of my wife who makes Native American baskets. She had a woven cedar cape on display at the Burke museum as part of the Alaskan Yukon Pacific exhibit in 2009. I must say being married to a basket weaver is much more exciting than it sounds. I get to go the the museum exhibit openings and fundraising auctions where I get to talk with the wealthy elite people of the area and get free food and wine just for showing up. What a deal.


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