Here is a quote from the great cyclist Eddie Merckx that I pretty much sums up how I feel about this subject,

I am certain that the bicycle will once more fill a social role and again become a means of transport and not just an object of leisure. Once cars had chased it out of towns and, for several years, the concern of our leaders was to make it easier to drive cars by enlarging roads and leaving space for nobody else. Now they’re in the process of undoing all that and, even if the change varies from country to country, I can see that there is a whole new way of political thinking. In Germany, Belgium and the countries of the north, the changes are already visible. In the Latin countries it’s an idea that’s making progress. from Vélo, France, October 2006

Note:  I found this on Wikipedia on a page about Eddy Merckx so hopefully it is accurate but even if it is not, I still like it.


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